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Making Your Slot:

Making your own custom video slot with is quick and easy!

To get started (if you haven't already) click on the "Make Your Slot Now!" button to load up the configuration screen:

Initial Screen
The Configuration Screen:

The configuration screen is where you'll customize your video slot with your own colors, graphics for the reel symbols, name and starting cash for players.

The Configuration Screen

On the right side there are 5 boxes; 4 to customize your slot and the 5th containing a button to get your HTML code. The first is for your slot machine's name/title:

Your Slot Name:

Replace the text "Your Slot Name" with the name you want to give your new slot creation (up to a maximum of 14 characters), then click on the UPDATE SLOT NAME button to update.

Slot Machine Name
Your Reel Symbols:

To customize your reel symbols, first open the Reel Changer by clicking this button:

Reel Symbols

A new dialogue will open:

Choosing a Reel Symbol

Slots consist of 10 different reel symbols that make up winning combinations. Each of these symbols are displayed here along with their respective payout's underneath them. The default symbols are circles with numbers in them; as shown above.

Click on the symbol you wish to change to proceed. New options will appear.

Choosing a New Symbol

Option A: Using Custom Images:
To load in an image from a URL, enter the full http: address in the URL field, then click on GET/LOAD IMAGE FROM URL.

Custom images should be 100 pixels wide x 100 pixels high. Images that are larger or smaller will not be resized properly.

Option B: Choosing a Symbol:
To use a symbol from the library simply click on the one you'd like to use. (Click on CLICK HERE FOR MORE SYMBOLS for more available options.)

Whether you've loaded an image from a URL or chosen one from the library, click on the SAVE SYMBOL & RETURN TO REEL OVERVIEW button to save your choice and return to the previous screen.

Keep doing this until you've chosen and/or loaded in each of your ten symbols for your custom slot!

Choosing a Color:

Click on the different colors to choose which you'd like; the colors will be previewed instantly on the slot. Leave the slot on whichever color you'd like to keep.

Choosing a Color
Starting Cash Amount:

If desired, you can adjust the amount of virtual cash players will start off with. Adjust the slider up and down to set the starting amount between $200 and $1000 dollars. (The default amount is $1,000).

Starting Cash Amount
Generating Your Code:

Once you're done designing your slot machine, click on the GENERATE YOUR WEB PAGE CODE button to create the HTML you'll use wherever you'd like to display your new slot.

Generating Your Code

Copy the code provided and paste it to share with others on your Web Page, Site, wherever you'd like!

Cut and Paste Code

That's all there is to it!
Have fun, make as many as you'd like!